Watch the Ever-Dapper Idris Elba Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel hosted the baron of your heart Idris Elba. Who the hell cares what they talked about? Let's just watch some grown-ass men dump icey water on the man of your dreams. For charity! » 8/27/14 10:30am Yesterday 10:30am

#TacoOrBeerChallenge Is Your Pro-Choice Alternative to the Ice Bucket

If you've been waiting to make a donation to a great cause without having to take up a challenge as severe as dumping a bucket of ice on your head, have I got something for you. Now you can support an abortion fund and all you need is a taco. Or a beer. OR BOTH. Sounds like my kind of challenge. » 8/26/14 4:30pm Tuesday 4:30pm

​Kerry Washington Speaks on Michael Brown Funeral in Emmys Interview

On Monday, Kerry Washington was up for her second Lead Actress nomination for her role as Olivia Pope in Scandal. On the red carpet, Shaun Robinson asked Washington if she could wrap her head around potentially being the first African American woman to win in the category. But Kerry had another thing on her mind. » 8/26/14 11:10am Tuesday 11:10am

​Cops Accused of Using Police Equipment to Creep On Online Dates

Online dating can be a little bit of a gamble—no matter how compatible and/or trustworthy a potential suitor seems, sometimes you just want to get a background check on a fool before you meet up with him. And that's exactly what some police officers did in Fairfield, California. While they were on duty. Oops. » 8/24/14 5:51pm Sunday 5:51pm